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The domestic market fell on oct 16

Author: Posted on:2018-07-13 15:49:16 Clicks:924

      Dalian lifeng metal co. LTD

      On October 16, the price of metallic cobalt in the spot market of important non-ferrous metals in the sea fell, and the average price of cobalt was 468250.00 yuan/ton, down 5,500 yuan/ton from the last trading day, down 1.13%, down 6.99% year on year.

      The cobalt commodity index was flat at 170.37 on oct 15, down 28.69% from its cyclical high of 238.91 (2018-04-15) and down 143.94% from its low of 69.84 on July 05, 2016.(note: period refers to 2011-09-01 till now).

      On October 16th, the price of cobalt in Shanghai fell, while the price of cobalt powder in Shanghai was stable.On October 16, the price of metallic cobalt in wuxi stainless steel electronic trading center in Shanghai was 463,000-487,000 yuan/ton, the price of cobalt dropped 5,000 yuan/ton, the inventory was 451.75 tons on October 16, and the inventory      warehouse receipt was reduced by one ton.In terms of demand, cobalt market has a certain deal, but it is still mainly purchased on demand. In September, new energy automobile industry indicated a sharp decline, and cobalt needs to be reduced in expectation, which constitutes a serious disadvantage to the cobalt market.

      In the future, cobalt market saw a large number of transactions, cobalt prices were difficult to maintain, and cobalt prices in the sea were in danger of falling. In September, the new energy vehicle industry said that it was poor, and cobalt market needed to be lower than expected, a major negative effect on the price of cobalt.

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