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October 12 domestic market metal zinc prices rose

Author: Posted on:2018-07-13 15:50:41 Clicks:757

       Dalian lifeng metal co. LTD

      On October 12, the market price of metal zinc fell in the domestic market. The average market price of metal zinc in the domestic spot market was 237,40.00 yuan per ton, 0.36% lower than the price in the previous trading day.The average ex-factory price is 24755.00 yuan per ton, down 0.17% from the previous trading day.

      The zinc (market) commodity index was 135.61 on October 12, up 0.49 points from yesterday, down 12.94 percent from the cyclical peak of 155.77 points (2017-10-09) and down 87.62 percent from the lowest point of 72.28 points on November 22, 2015.(note: period refers to 2011-09-01 till now).

       price fell on October 12, after the festival zinc price continued to fall, zinc city inventory dropped significantly, zinc market supply shortage has been slowed down, but recently the market tends to low season, market demand picked up, although zinc city inventory supply has been significantly increased, zinc city lack of pressure eased, on October 12, zinc price dropped 90 yuan/ton in the sea.

      Inventory of zinc ingots in Shanghai futures market on oct 12, 2018 increased by 6,080 tons compared with the previous trading day.The stock of zinc ingots in the futures market of Shanghai increased on December 12. The lack of supply in the zinc market has slowed down. The zinc market needs to be in the slack season.


      After market speculation: before the festival, the stock of zinc ingots in the futures market in Shanghai continued to decline for two weeks, which had a positive impact on the decline of zinc prices. The stock of LEM zinc ingots in London dropped to a new low of 5 months, which was positive for the decline of domestic zinc prices.After the festival, the stock of zinc ingots in the futures market in Shanghai increased sharply, slowing down the downward pressure on zinc prices.Zinc city needs the whole positive benefit negative status each half, the latter city zinc price still has the fall space, but with the zinc ingot inventory increase, the zinc price falls the pressure obtains to alleviate.Zinc prices expected after the shock drop.

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