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The domestic market metal zinc market fell on oct 17, 2018

Author: Posted on:2018-07-13 15:51:18 Clicks:745

      Dalian lifeng metal co. LTD

      On October 17, the market price of metal zinc fell in the domestic market. The average market price of metal zinc in the domestic spot market was 22877.50 yuan/ton, down 1.37% from the previous trading day.The average ex-factory price was 23896.67 yuan per ton, down 1.41% from the previous trading day.

The zinc price fell on October 17, and the zinc price continued to decline for three days. The supply shortage of zinc market has been slowed down. Recently, the market tends to be off season, and the market demand picks up.Tianjin environmental protection bureau issued a notice: by the end of 2018, zinc smelting enterprises will be licensed to discharge pollutants.Increased decontamination management will lead to a reduction in zinc supply, zinc prices fell.The zinc (market) commodity index was 132.50 on October 16, down 2.08 points from yesterday, down 14.94 percent from the cyclical high of 155.77 points (2017-10-09) and down 83.31 percent from the low of 72.28 points on November 22, 2015.(note: period refers to 2011-09-01 till now).

      Zinc ingots inventory of 36,688 tons in Shanghai futures market on oct 17, 2018, down 301 tons from the previous trading day.The price of zinc ingots in Shanghai futures market closed at 22,385 yuan per ton Thursday, down 10 yuan per ton from the previous trading day.The lack of supply in the zinc market has slowed down. The zinc market needs to be in the slack season.

      Market speculation: the overall supply and demand of zinc city improved, supply shortage has been slowed down, in a short time zinc market oversupply, reducing the pressure of zinc price decline, increasing the risk of zinc price decline.As the macro economic situation improves, the non-ferrous sector is declining, so it needs to be bearish on zinc and bearish on zinc. However, in the medium and long term, the zinc market will not be in a continuous downturn. The intensified management of purification in the sea has promoted the recovery and decline of zinc price.

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