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Shanghai copper spot market flash

Author: Posted on:2018-07-13 15:51:59 Clicks:1172

      Dalian lifeng metal co. LTD

      September 19 news: the former Shanghai electrolytic copper spot reported the current month contract to raise water 280 yuan/ton ~ lift water 340 yuan/ton, the flat water copper transaction price 49900 yuan/ton ~50100 yuan/ton, the lift water copper transaction price 49920 yuan/ton ~50120 yuan/ton.Overnight domestic and foreign copper prices jumped, leading the rebound of fundamental metals, copper in Shanghai stood at 49,000 yuan/ton, up more than 1,000 yuan, in the past day hit a wall at 49800 yuan/ton.The morning inquiry is lively, hold goods business to deliver goods volunteer high, the market offer price from rise water 300~350 yuan/ton from, high rise water makes the goods deliver a deal greatly to hit a wall.Ten o 'clock, the goods holder automatically lowered the offer price to 290~320 yuan/ton.Business hours in the second quarter, the shipper is still actively offer, smooth water copper meet clinch a deal in 280 ~ 290 yuan/ton, premium good copper 320 yuan/ton adjacent cut price premium, high source profit maker pro, dirty just need to insist on, wet copper source hard to find, the goods price is high, tight quotation has partial nearly smooth water copper price, offer high lift to premium 250-270 yuan/ton.The price of copper is above $50, 000 a tonne, and profits and indecent spending are a bit of a deterrent

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